Interview in Sensa Magazine June 2019

An article about our production and the concept behind our work was published in the June issue of Sensa Magazine. The subject covered everything, healthy lifestyle, the need people have to return to nature and why it is an urgent need to eat healthy. "In the near future, a wealthy man won’t be the one with a giant bank account, but one who has the ability to live in a healthy environment and provide healthy food to his family. Is there really anything more valuable our children can inherit from us than knowledge, good work ethics, healthy lifestyle and good, unpolluted land that feeds us and provides healthy body and spirit?”

The most valuable thing our children can inherit is knowledge and preserved land.

Three Medals for Organic Products "Profesor Daus"

Olda group Ltd. participated as an exhibitor at the 86th International Agricultural Fair in Novi Sad at the invitation of "Serbia Organica" - the National Association for Organic Production and the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management. This year, like previous years, awards have been given for products with the best product quality ratings. Olda group participated with three of their products and was given high ratings for all of them. Three following Olda group products were awarded with gold medals: fresh organic eggs, organic tomato jam with lavender and organic cold pressed sunflower oil.

This outcome of our first exhibition at the fair, certainly becomes an impetus in pursuing the path of quality and reaching the highest standards in organic production.

World’s Leading Trade Fair for Organic Food - Biofach Nürnberg, Germany, 2019

The Biofach Fair in Nürnberg is the largest fair for organic food producers and traders from all over the world. It was our honor and a pleasure to be part of the Serbian stand and to have an opportunity to introduce our "Professor Daus" brand to interested visitors. Organic is more than just a label or a certificate: having organic products means being committed to quality having personal persuasion - using natural resources responsibly. BIOFACH at the Nürnberg Exhibition Center is a place where people share their passionate interest in organic food, get to know each other and exchange views, ever since 1990. It was a perfect opportunity for representatives of Olda group to visit and get to know other organic producers from the world organic market and an opportunity to be inspired by the latest trends in the organic products sector.

World’s Leading Trade Fair for Organic Food - Biofach Nürnberg, Germany, 2019

How Organic "Food for a Better Life" is Made (Ekonometar, February 2019)

In their february issue, Econometer, a magazine issued by Nira press, published the story of our estate and our production. It featured a story about our work and the economic indicators that go with organic production. Monitoring consumer needs, the desire for a healthier life and preservation of the environment were common messages from both the editorial staff and us from Olda Group.

Recording for TV show Znanje - imanje

The authors of TV show Znanje - imanje, together with the entire crew, visited our farm as well as the Concept Store in Belgrade. We talked about the importance of biologically valuable food, about the food trend Buy local - grow local, and the symbiosis of life on the farm between plants and animals, which is necessary to establish in organic production. The authors of the show were also interested in the way our food came from the fields to the table, and in our case he leads directly to Belgrade, bringing the farm to the city, to the consumer. What is a trend and need in Europe is increasingly present in our country - certified organic food and the state's concern for the health of the population and the preservation of natural resources.

Learning, tasting and doing business

Olda group with its product line Profesor Daus took a part in the Belgrade Food Show, which was held on November 5 and 6, 2018, in which more than 80 exhibitors from the fruit, vegetable, meat and dairy industry from Serbia and the region took a part. The two-day fair and a series of lectures for participants and guests were organized by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) through the Competitive Economy Project aimed at strengthening the Serbian food industry, part of which is the Olda Group, and the Association for Promotion of Serbian Food with the aim of the Serbian and regional food industry is approaching foreign customers.

One of the speakers, US Ambassador to Serbia Kyle Scott, said that Serbian food has excellent quality and should therefore have a significant place in the international market. "Food plays a big role in Serbian society. I think it's time for more people around the world to recognize and find out which food products of high quality Serbia produces, "Skat said. The improvement of the Serbian food industry can not be achieved "only with US assistance, but it is necessary for the state and private sector to cooperate in order to increase the competitiveness of Serbian food," the ambassador said in addressing the participants.

Premium Food Design Hub 2018

We are one of the companies that are participating in the Premium Food Design Hub 2018, launched by USAID. The competitive economy project is a new concept of supporting the production of high value food products with the aim of supporting innovation in the Serbian food industry. The aim of the initiative Premium Food Design Hub 2018 is to enable a diversified range of so-called premium products on the domestic and foreign markets.

Olda group in Impact Hub - premium food design.

Appearance in magazine Sensa

In the July issue of the magazine Sensa, readers had the opportunity to get to know our motto: physical and spiritual health is maintained by staying in nature, positive thoughts and food for a better life.

Article about Olda group motto in magazine Sensa.

Presence at the Belgrade Night Market

In the past year, Olda group, with its products and brand Prof. Daus, took part in sales events organized by the Belgrade Night Market. The atmosphere at the markets, accompanied by a live music of a good rhythm, in those evening hours, gave a special charm to everything we offered and led to our stand gourmets and true organic food lovers

Olda group at the Belgrade Night Market.