Food for Better Life

At the place where the land is soaked with the shades of one of the rare sandstones in Europe, in Vojvodina, on the hardworking people`s land and the Danube land, fragrant fruits of organic production grow on our estates. Olda_Group_Fruits Olda group company has several estates on more than one location in Vojvodina. The site in Seleuš has an organic production of crops and vegetables at a certified organic farm of 80 ha, a farm of laying hens organized in free range farming, as well as a herd of sheep goats. All areas are under irrigation systems from their own water wells, and the farm uses organic pasture. The company has the production of spelt flour, buckwheat flour, wheat flour, rye flour; produces cold pressed oils from organic pumpkin, rape, as well as sunflower oil. We offer row summer squash (Cucurbita pepo) seeds and pumpkin seeds in shell. Olda_Group_Pumpkin We take care how our grains, vegetables and fruits grow. To provide high quality organic products, we personally take care and monitor with lot of attention creation of finished goods and invest a lot of manual work.

In order to maximize the use of every priceless grass and seed, we have decided that at our farm, autochthonous breeds of laying hens and herds of sheep also find their place and that they are moving freely and are fed with organic food. Olda_Group_Dried_Tomatoes